Supportive and Kind

“Everything you did was so supportive and kind and thorough. It was above and beyond what any other doctor has ever done for me saving my sister’s life twice.”



Informed & Educated

“The doctor and staff are highly skilled the staff goes above and beyond to ensure that patients’ needs are met. I have also found the staff at Suburban Medical Clinic, particularly the nursing staff to be kind and helpful making it easy for patients like myself by educating us on preventive care. I have lost 16 pounds in one month and feel younger and full of energy after following the doctor’s nutrition guidelines and following his treatment. My husband and I are super satisfied with the results.”



Impressed By The Care

“I feel and look great after the doctor at Suburban Medical Clinic created awareness in my health condition. I was constantly feeling dizzy. It was determine I had diabetes in only one month my numbers dropped by 10%. My total cholesterol also dropped, triglycerides dropped 541 points, and I lost 44 pounds in one month under the supervision and guidance of the doctor at Suburban Medical Clinic, I have made life changing progress and recommending all my friends and coworkers who are amazed.”



Using Doctor’s Services for Years

“The doctor at Suburban Medical Clinic takes care of all of my needs for urgent care and also my periodic checkups. They handle all of my prescriptions for high blood pressure and thyroid. It is very convenient to be able to walk in without an appointment and usually there is not a long wait. Overall, I find them to give their patients kind and caring services.”



A Doctor that Really Cares

“Thank you for providing expert and affordable medical care, I have recommended half of my family and friends here. My level of confidence in medical treatment and care by the fine staff and doctor is infinite they really take the time to see what is bothering you. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and comfortable.”



Medical Expertise

“How grateful I am that after being on oxygen, having high blood pressure, joint pain, being told I needed open heart surgery, and would only live a few more years, your medical expertise is the one that ultimately worked for me, after getting treatment from different physicians. I no longer use the oxygen tank, barely need a walker and my blood pressure is under control and my open heart surgery can be postpone years to come after following they lifestyle changes you indicated and following your treatment plan.”



Takes the Time Needed

“My doctor just goes out of his way to make very sure that you’re comfortable and informed. He gives every patient the time they need. I changed my insurance so I could continue to see him.”